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Depending upon the types of research activity, different laboratories have been developed. The major laboratories are listed below. 
Plant Molecular Biology:

Major activity in the lab is prospecting drought specific genes, cloning of promoters, development of over expression cassette, and functional validation of genes and promoters. The laboratory is well equipped including modern instruments such as real-time PCR machines, fluorimeter, fluorescent microscope,  phosphor imager, high speed centrifuge, etc.

Molecular breeding

The laboratory concentrates mainly on the work related to genotyping, marker development and their utilization for QTL identification and MAS.  The laboratory is well equipped essential instruments such as PCR machines, high speed centrifuge, DNA sequencer and other computational facilities. 


Stress physiology

This lab is developed and maintained to carryout the plant physiology research related to abiotic stresses, including quantification of plant hormones. Facilities have been created to carryout several invito and vitro stress evaluation tests, which is essential for high throughput phenotyping. Temperature controlled facilities for assessing intrinsic temperature tolerance (TIR) is also part of the lab facility.  The laboratory is also equipped with modern portable photosynthesis systems with chlorophyll-a fluorescence measurement device, and oxygen electrode, moisture probes and water potential systems.

Plant transformation laboratory

The main focus in this lab is generation of transgenic plants for functional validation of genes as well as product development. The facility is attached with invtro tissue culture and inplanta transformation laboratories.

Plant nutrition

Studies on plant mineral nutrition are one of the major activities, and hence a dedicated laboratory has been established with modern facilities. The laboratory has tissue digestion facility, ASS and ICP for throughput nutrient analysis.

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