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Precise quantification and measurement of specific parameters is critical in scientific research which requires adequate instrumental infrastructure for achieving the research objectives. Several such facilities are available at the department which are being extended to researchers as a service on a cost basis.   Initial inquiry for availing the services can be made with,

Dr. P. Chandrashekara Reddy
Professor and Head

Dr. M. Udayakumar
Project Coordinator, NAE, COE, FIST

1. Stable isotopes ratio analysis

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer facilities for the quantification of stable isotope ratios of Carbon (13C/12C), Oxygen (18O/16O), Nitrogen (15N/14N) and Deuterium (2H/1H) in plant samples and organic materials is available.  Capability to measure oxygen isotope ratios in aqueous samples also exists.  The facility comprises of TWO IRMS systems (Delta Plus and Delta V Advantage) interfaced with separate elemental analyzers (Flash EA and TC/EA) through continuous flow devices.  The facility was established in May 2001 and has been analyzing samples from both national and international scientists.  On an average about 9000 samples are being analyzed per year.  The stable isotope ratio analysis services involve sample preparation, isotope ratio quantification and data interpretation.

Contact personnel: Dr. M.S. Sheshshayee

2. Immuno-techniques for hormone quantification

Facilities and expertise is available for the extraction and quantification of plant growth hormones like Abscissic acid and Cytokinin in plant samples. The analysis services involve sample preparation and quantification of hormones by ELISA.

Contact personnel: Dr. V.R. Sashidhar and Dr. T.G. Prasad

3. Phenotyping and field screening for drought stress

Infrastructure and innovative techniques have been developed for phenotyping for diverse drought adaptive traits – roots, water use efficiency, water conservation and intrinsic tolerance. Besides, the empirical (field and pot culture) evaluation for assessing relative drought tolerance amongst the cultivars is available. The facilities can be used for phenotyping for diverse drought adaptive traits in germplasm/breeding accessions. Rain-out shelter and specialized root structure IRMS, gas exchange systems, growth chambers and other facilities are available to provide phenotyping services.

Contact personnel: Dr. B. Mohan Raju and Dr. M.S. Sheshshayee
E-mail:  and

4. Transgenic facility

Transgenic containment facilities exist for raising and evaluation of transgenic crop plants. There are four state-of-art transgenic containment facilities with power back-up.  In addition, protected and dedicated field facilities for confined field trails of transgenic plants are available.

Well equipped facility and expertise is available for molecular evaluation of transgenic plants which include molecular characterization of transgenic events & expression analysis, evaluation of transgenic plants using invitro assays for drought tolerance characters and evaluation of elite lines for drought resistance by gravimetric approaches.

Contact personnel: Dr. N. Nataraja Karaba and Dr. P.C. Reddy

5. Plant nutrient analysis

Sample preparation and digestion of samples and quantification of plant nutrients including heavy metals using  ICP-OES, AAS are available. The facility is equipped to analyze the biological samples, fertilizer materials and plant samples. The analysis services include sample preparation, quantification and interpretation.

Contact personnel: Dr. Aftab Hussain and Dr. A.G. Shankar

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