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Human resource development is one of the mandate activities of NAE to generate trained man power for drought research. Hence, comprehensive programs under various categories have been designed for research exposure and training under the NAE program.

1. M.Sc./Ph.D. program: Department of crop physiology has strong well defined M.Sc. and PhD  students training program to provide adequate scientific research exposure on abiotic stress of crop plants. NAE program has strengthened the students training activity to provide research insights on frontier concepts on drought research.

2. Training –short- to long-term: Comprehensive structured training programs for a period of 3-4 weeks are designed to provide training on new development and approaches in diverse relevant areas of drought research. An another in-house training for a period of 3-4 months designed to provide exposure on specific research to young scientists/faculty from various institutions.

3. Post-doctoral training program: Post-doctoral fellow/trainees are encouraged to develop independent projects in line with NAE research mandate for effective exposure in advanced abiotic research topics and training.

4. Project research work: The program encourages and acts as platform for students (M.Sc. and PhD) to take-up part of their research program on abiotic stress. The duration of student’s project is flexible depending on nature of their research work. The program has generated much needed enthusiasm among the students from different institutions.

5. Young scientist: Niche area of excellence program acts as platform for development of young scientist as independent researcher in his/her career advancement. Young Scientists project recipients from DST, DBT are encouraged to work in the NAE, whose project complement the research program of NAE.

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