Integrated Centre for Drought Research
Department of Crop Physiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru 560 065

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Related programs contributing to the thematic areas of NAE activities: 

Integrated approaches from several activities of the center drive the mandates of the Niche area of excellence.

Related ad-hoc projects in the thematic areas of NAE research activities

Evaluation of groundnut germplasm for drought resistance – National Fund, ICAR.
Marker-Trait association for drought tolerance in groundnut – DBT.
Characterization of rice mutants for water use efficiency – DBT.
Identification and characterization of transcription factors associated with desiccation response of plants - DST.
Mulberry transgenics for drought tolerance – DBT.
Ion homeostasis and salt tolerance in finger millet and rice – DST.
Improvement of WUE in Tobacco – ITC.
Development and characterization of drought specific ESTs in coffee.

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