Integrated Centre for Drought Research
Department of Crop Physiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru 560 065

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To identify genotypes with specific drought traits, genes that regulate drought tolerance mechanisms and QTL associations with multi gene traits and adopt transgene and molecular breeding tools to pyramid these traits into elite genetic background. 

The conceptual framework of NAE program

Plants have evolved complex and diverse adaptive strategies to cope with drought stress, which includes specific growth behaviors that avoids stress and many tolerance mechanisms at cellular level.

Drought tolerance of the crops can be improved only by bringing together the diverse adaptive mechanisms. Many of these traits being multi-genic, the approaches have been to identify genotypes with specific drought traits, genes and QTLs that regulate tolerance mechanisms and finally pyramid them by molecular approaches.

The conceptual framework is largely driven by NAE activities. In addition several related programs contribute to achieve these objectives.

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